Exciting photo Albums for All of our Reunions
What a Magical 50th Reunion 2018

All of you Sentinels that came out to Sambas & Rubys
and sailed on our Reunion Cruise to Cabo
A Big Thank You for making so many Memories
We Sentinels have a Magical time
no matter where we are

We will see you All in Laughlin, Nevada
this next year March 28th to April 3rd, 2018
I will update this website on all of our IHS activities during our Laughlin Roundup.

Enjoy the Holidays
Love From
The IHS Reunion Committee

Here we are on the Cruise to Cabo, dancing at Sambas, Reunion at the Toyota Car Museum, and the El Segundo Car Museum, Breakfast at Ruby's Diner
years 2002 through 2018
Photos from Ricky and Ronnie's IHS Reunion from 2009. Photo's of our IHS Laughlin Round Ups

Classmates uploads of Reunions and Personal photos

Oh What a Memorable Time the Sentinels have together no matter where we are!!

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