The Wood at Laughlin
Submitted by Gary Wiberg IHS class of 67

Golf Tourny on Friday Day March of 2000

The Annual Laughlin golf tournament 2000 was won by a team consisting of  Mark (the best dressed) Carver, Julio Rodriguez, Leon Friedrichsen, past long drive champ Leon, and Dan Kling of Dan and Helen (Rice). They shot a six under 66. Tournament Photographers Larry Guerrero and Joyce Tipton Mikkelson said it was the most talented team they had ever seen at Laughlin.  They said it was stacked (Pun intended)!!!

Julio won both of the longest drive contests. His long was a 307 yarder. The second place team and a fan favorite was a team consisting of tournament director and Laughlin Hall of Famer John Marshall Duron, long drive past champ and Laughlin regular Richard Wilson, second best Lefty Maurice Lemieux, and finally Mr. Consistency from Gardena, Ron Lopez, of Ron and Bunny (Lewis) fame. 
The team was tied for the lead after 13, at which point John Duron said the top team was going to need Ben Gay they would be so sore from trying to catch us.

Well they ended up 4 under 2 behind.  Dewey was definitely best trash talker. The third place team of Richard Kersulis, who is one of the top golfers on the Laughlin tour, Sandra Kersulis top woman golfer, Joyce Tipton Mikkelson, who won a trophy for the "Closest to the Pin Drive",  and John Mineo, a Hall of Famer and who also won the other "Closest to the Pin" hole. The team shot a 3 under 69, coming on strong the last 9.  

Bowling Tourny Friday night 

We saw twenty three people on five teams. The winning team consisted of five people who all attended IHS. 
Sherry Knapp, Carl Stumpf, best dressed bowler, another first for Mark Carver, John Mineo and Gary Wiberg. Seris score of 2116. Bart Glaser had the high 3 game series at 569, followed  by Mark Carver 485. Carl 466, Big Min 421, and Richard Wilson at 417. Carl had the one game high of 199, followed by Bart at 198 and Mark at 191.

Horseshoe Tourny on Saturday

 It was a double elimination (almost) tourny. The team of Larry and Lynn Guerrero came from the losers bracket to win over the second place team of Dan and Helen Kling. 

Rich and Sandra Kersulis only lost once due to director error (whoops) and after a mild protest at the Dance that night, were awarded third! Sorry Rich, Sandra, and Mark Carver who had to forfeit their third place. Leon made a one game appearance on the Larry and Lynn team helping them to victory.
Kathy and Bunny made a strong push but lost in the quarters. 
JoAnne "EVA" Mineo, was another strong Lady thrower.  Phil Burress, Maurice Lemieux , John Duron, Tom DeNatale and John Mineo all went for the GOLD.     
Notables in attendance were Pat Coffman and Roger Huckstep.

What a fantastic time everyone
had at the Laughlin Round Up 2000